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About Polyethylene Pipe

Polyethylene pipe costs less than steel and other types of pipe and does not corrode, thereby reducing line costs and future repairs. Because the pipe can be fused, installation is quick with less labor cost and surface damage.  Depending on size, our pipe is generally available by the roll, joint, or bundle.

Polyethylene pipe is durable. Ultraviolet protection is included in the plastic before the pipe is extruded.  Consequently, ultraviolet light has little if any effect on parts of the pipe that may become exposed due to cutting, gouging, abrasion or bonding.

Polyethylene pipe is versatile.  Our customers report that in some cases they use our pipe to suspend downhole water pumps in water wells. They say it is easier to install in the well and easier to get out if pump maintenance is required.

Polyethylene pipe is tough.  According to studies, polyethylene pipe performs well in areas where seismic shear is a concern. Because the pipe has a memory and is flexible, it is less likely to break or rupture as compared to PVC or steel pipe. Consequently, even in uniquely hostile environments where other products may fail, the pipe has proven itself to be strong, rugged and dependable.

All pipe produced by Co-Ex Pipe Company is made with high density 4710 material and is 100% produced in the Permian Basin utilizing domestic resins.  

To connect lengths of polyethylene pipe, the pipe may be bonded using a specialized bonding machine or with fittings designed for the pipe size and purpose.  Both bonding machines and fittings are available from Alpha Equipment.

All our pipe is made to ASTM standards and rigorously tested by our Quality Assurance department to make sure it meets or exceeds these standards.